Posted November 22, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Jets on Fire!!!


The NY Jets are on Fire!!! It was a warm winter day, Sunday, November 21 and the Jets were down 27-23 in the 4th Quarter with 55 seconds left on the clock receiving the ball. The Texans were all smiles thinking they had the game in hand, but those smiles quickly turned upside down to frowns. Click Read More to continue the Play by Play… plus watch the final drive on video above.

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(courtesy msn.com, foxsports)

PLAY BY PLAY: The Jets drove the ball up the gut into the teeth of the Texans on three big plays.. First with only 37 seconds left Sanchez completed a 20-yard screen pass right down the middle to LaDanian Tomlinson.. Then 24 seconds left and Sanchez makes a huge pass to Braylon Edwards on the edge for 42 yards and puts the Jets right at the six to the end-zone.. 16 seconds left and Bang Bang big play big.. Sanchez to of course clutch Santonio Holmes for the TOUCHDOWN!!! Jets WIN 30-27!! (This pic depicts the Airplane TD celebration that followed.)