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Tuition Increase gets Violent on the West Coast

The Associated Press reported yesterday that About 300 people participated in a protest on Wednesday at UC San Francisco in reaction to a proposed hike in the college’s tuition.

The protestors became extremely violent and four OFFICERS ended up hurt. This brings a new meaning to “I ain’t never scared.” One officer was even hit in the head with his own baton.

According to the AP, “The officer was struck in the head after a group of protesters surrounded him in a parking garage and grabbed his baton.”

He had to call for assistance which couldn’t have been much help. “Another officer was injured when students dismantled one of the barricades and used it as a weapon,” according to the campus police chief.

At the end of the protest, police pepper-sprayed the crowd and 10 UC San Francisco students were arrested along with 3 non-students.

The AP reported that the tuition would go up $822.

That sure is a nasty fight for less than one thousand dollars. However, college is expensive, therefore any price hike will get the blood boiling.

I’m surprised even more students from various universities have not protested this violently to tuition increases they’ve had for much more than one thousand dollars.

I am not making any suggestions to do so. It’s just an observation.

photo courtesy of AP/ Laura A. Oda

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