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R&B Singer Brandy Voted Off “Dancing With the Stars”

Brandy Norwood has been a great contestant in season 11’s “Dancing With the Stars” competition. She started out a little slow, but week after week she’s gained more thumbs up from the judges and high scores for outstanding performances of the Foxtrot and Argentine Tango.

Every night after she performs, she gets on twitters, thanks her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, thanks her fans and then expresses how much she wants to win this competition.

Tonight she was sent home.

This was such a blow to the audience and the judges because she lost to Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, who has been the weakest link and one of the worst dancers in the competition.

Simply put, Bristol Palin is a terrible dancer. What’s gotten her this far has truly got to be the votes of her teenage admirers, Sarah Palin’s allies, or the entire population of Alaska.

Week after week Bristol has had terrible scores yet she continues to march on thanks to her massive following since she has become a public speaker for her campaigns about teen pregnancy and abstinence.

This exemplifies the buffoonery of the American people and that the voters are rooting for Bristol for all of the wrong reasons.

When did a dance competition become political race or popularity contest?

Is hard work and great talent not enough? Apparently, not in this world of entertainment television.

Brandy tried to hold back tears, but in a matter of minutes, she cried her eyes out over her partner’s shoulders.

If she had lost to Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey, the two other amazing dancers in the competition, it wouldn’t have been so stunning because they are actually good. It would’ve been in Brandy’s best interest to accept and give credit where credit is due.

In this situation though, a spot in that finals was rightfully hers, but it was stolen by Bristol Palin just like George W. Bush stole the 2000 presidency from Al Gore. The two situations are very different but there’s similarity in the point I’m making.

Bristol has gotten ahead by the votes of people making this dance show become political gain for her and her mother, or else she would have been given the boot weeks ago, right after Mike “The Situation.”

If the people voted with logic about who danced best, Brandy would still be there and so would Rick Fox for that matter.

The win should be about dance and dance alone.

If Bristol Palin wins this season, there will be a media frenzy, guaranteed.

Good luck to Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey in next week’s finals and good Luck to Brandy in all that she pursues in her career following this devastating loss.

At the end of the day, it’s just a TV show, so for Brandy, there’s more to come.

Let’s just get back to the music.

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