Posted November 14, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

Makers of Four Loko to Stop Shipping to New York

Phusion Projects, the Chicago-based company that makes Four Lokos, will no longer ship their product to New York State. It’s already been banned from Washingon, Michigan, Utah and Oklahoma.

It sounds like a trend is happening and soon Four Lokos will be illegal…

The Huffington Post reported that Gov. Paterson and the NY State Liquor Authority made the agreement today with Phusion.

Paterson said, “New Yorkers deserve to know that the beverages they buy are safe for consumption.”

This statement is misleading because Four Loko is not unlike any other bottle of liquor. The amount of alcohol is written on the can, so who ever makes the choice to drink it, is well-informed.

Granted, college students have been hospitalized after drinking the beverage, but that is because of the binge drinking that college students take part in.

Four Lokos does indeed contain alcohol and caffeine, but the co-founder Jaisen Freeman said that mixing alcohol and caffeine is safe. Vodka and redbull? Irish Coffee?

So the problem here isn’t Four Lokos. The problem here is binge drinking.

Drinking one Four Loko will not hospitalize you, but binging on several or many, certainly will, just like any other alcoholic beverage.

By banning Four Lokos, it sends the message that this particular drink is bad, but others are okay, rather than sending the message to college students and young adults that you must drink in moderation.

As part of the agreement, Phusion must fund alcohol awareness programs which is not a terrible idea. Freeman said, the company wanted “to be known for cooperation and collaboration, not controversy.”

This product has been reported on almost everyday for the past month and it’s just amazing that only a few months ago it was such an underground movement. It’s so famous now for all of the related tragic events, that the best thing for Phusion to do is to comply with the terms. However, common sense shows where the true problem lies. Drink in moderation folks.

According to the Huffington Post, “The company agreed to stop shipping the drinks by Nov. 19. Distributors have until Dec. 10 to finish out their inventory.”