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Nicki Minaj Not ‘the typical NY rapper’

Nicki Minaj sat down with Billboard, just weeks before the release of “Pink Friday,” and addressed the comparison to other New York rappers…

“When I started rapping, people were trying to make me like the typical New York rapper, but I’m not that.” She explained, “No disrespect to New York rappers, but I don’t want people to hear me and know exactly where I’m from. I wanted the album to be universal and versatile. It really feels like it speaks for every one of my personalities.”

Nicki’s statement addresses many of the comments that fans and foes make suggesting that her flow has changed tremendously since she started and that she’s not the NY rapper she once was. Her statement above becomes a disclaimer.

First, she’s gotten older, which could be a major reason for the Queens rapper switching it up. Just as much as one will change as they mature and enter new environments, they may change as a music artist as well.

You see your place in the world clearer and adjust accordingly. As an artist, you might switch up the things you write about and inevitably change up your flow and your style. It’s not something unseen. Many artists transform throughout their careers, and maybe Minaj just made some of those transformations, pre-fame.

Let’s focus though, if Nicki Minaj’s flow were the same, she’d sound like just another rapper from around the way and it’s likely that her career wouldn’t be where it is now. Whether you love her or love to hate her, she is becoming a mainstream artist and it is mostly because of that versatile flow.

Her over-the-top lyrics and outlandish personalities are what make her unique and interesting to watch.

Read the Billboard article here.

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