Posted November 12, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

Kanye West vs Today Show

Sooo Kanye appeared on the Today Show and basically freaked out because of the way that the interview with Matt Lauer was handled. Matt confronted Kanye about his comment on President George Bush not liking black people and the incident that happened with Taylor Swift. They actually ran the clips and Kanye stopped what he was saying to say this:

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you gonna run this thing in the middle, while I’m talking?” an affronted West asks. “Please don’t let that happen again, it’s like ridiculous.

Kanye says: “I came here to say that I made mistakes, that I’ve grown as a person,” West says. “It’s not as easy as boxing someone into a villain role or a race role. I did not have enough information in that situation to call [Bush] a racist.”

Now since that interview Kanye went on a twitter rant about the whole situation and has canceled his performance on the Today Show that he was supposed to do on Black Friday.

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