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Rihanna, there is no Red in the Jamaican Flag

Rihanna has recently paid homage to reggae legend, Bob Marley by creating a reggae room in her Los Angeles Mansion. The room is a shrine dedicated to his memory.

According to CaribWorldNews, Rihanna said, “The Bob Marley room is my loungey room, so there’s incense burning, there’s a painting on the wall of Bob Marley in black and white, which I love.”

Rihanna then went on to say, “The rest of the room goes from green into yellow into red, like the Jamaican flag.”

Flag on the play!

There is no red in the Jamaican flag…

The colors Ri-Ri may have been referring to are in the Ethiopian flag which is very well associated with the Rastafari lifestyle because of the late Haile Selassie I, who was a former emperor of Ethiopia. Many reggae artists reference him in their songs.

As a result, the colors red, yellow and green as well as the image of the Lion of Judah on the Ethiopian flag, are very familiar to Rastas and to Reggae lovers.

It’s clear what Rihanna was actually referring to, so I don’t think anyone will hold it against her, however as a West Indian woman from Barbados, one might expect her to be keenly familiar with the flag of every, if not most, caribbean island.

Rihanna’s reggae room has pillows on the floor to set an informal tone and it also has books about Bob Marley and books of his lyrics.

She said, “He’s one of my favorite artists of all time…he really paved the way for every other artist out of the Caribbean.”

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