Posted November 5, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Friday Night Thrilla 2!!

NBA GAMES TONIGHT: The Washington Wizards will go to NY MSG to play the NY Knicks tonight (Fri Nov 5) 7:30PM ET MSG. The Knicks had the home game postponed from Tues, Nov 2 due to falling debris from the ceiling and asbestos removal/fears. The Knicks are coming off last night’s three-point (16-24) explosive win 120-112 over the Chicago Bulls. The Wizards have No. 1 Pick PG John Wall, who was doing the “dougie” last game and is averaging 23.7 points and 10.3 assists per game so far.

The Chicago Bulls will face the Boston Celtics at the Boston Garden tonight 8PM ET ESPN. The Celtics “Big Three” +1 will face off with the tough Chicago Bulls. Celtics G Rajon Rondo is averaging an astounding 16.4 assists per game so far this year. Paul Pierce just came off his 20,000 point trademark game. Bulls G Derrick Rose has been averaging an amazing 26.8 points and 10 assists per game so far. (msn.com, foxsports, gametrax)

The LA Clippers will play the Denver Nuggets tonight 10:30PM ET ESPN. 2009 No. 1 Pick Clippers PF Blake Griffin, essentially a rookie (DNP last year injury), has averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds per game. (msn.com, foxsports, gametrax)