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“Live to Dance” with Paula Abdul

Yesterday were the L.A. auditions for Paula Abdul’s new dance show “Live to Dance.”

She tweeted, “Are you ready to DAAAANCE??? I know LA is bringing SERIOUS talent to today’s Live to Dance audition! So excited, can’t wait!!”

The Former Idol Judge just stepped it up in a big way. Her show begins Jan. 4 2011 and will air on CBS.

The show will more than likely air in the same time slot as American Idol. This face-off deserves a sly grin…

After it’s Jan. 4. premiere, “Live to Dance” will move Wednesdays at 8 pm. If Idol hasn’t changed things up from the past nine season, the show will still air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fox has yet to announce the launch date of Idol.

I’m excited for Paula Abdul and excitetd for lots of dancing.

According to MTV.com, Paula Abdul is not only a judge on the show, but also an executive producer and mentor to the talented dancers.

Others lined up to judge alongside Abdul are Travis Payne, who has choreographed for Lady Gaga and Kimberly Wyatt, former Pussy Cat Doll dancer. Andrew Gunsberg has been announced as the host.

The show once set to have the name “Got to Dance,” already auditions dancers in New York. Now that the LA auditions have come to an end, the filming of the show continues. The winning dancer receives $500,000.

MTV reported Abdul’s comments about the show:

“This show is unlike any other show if its kind…It’s open to everyone who lives in that glorious place of passion and unique ability.”

Abdul also said via twitter, “if you don’t dance, try a class or just start moving! you can’t help but smile. there’s so much joy in dancing.”

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