Posted October 29, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Jersey Shore’s Angelina Attacked in the Mall

For anyone that watches the Jersey Shore, you very well know that Angelina is not necessarily newsworthy. Technically none of the castmembers are but we love to keep up with them anyway. It’s a drug.

Well, this bit of information is more like comedy. The New York Post reported that Angelina was attacked in the mall. While shopping at Hot Topic Friday afternoon in Staten Island, her hometown, a bunch of young kids approached her.

According to NYPost, Angelina told cops that she was punched in the back of the head and her girlfriend was hit in the face with a bottle.

I can’t imagine why someone would be so outwardly violent towards Angelina…I take that back.

However, violence is not the answer. After watching Jersey Shore so religiously you might feel like you KNOW these people, but you have to realize that what happens on the television screen should stay there. The Jersey Shore cast have done done us no harm. And no it’s not even right to judge them but America does it anyway.

We should appreciate them for the entertainment value and leave it at that because attacking them when you see them in person is just not cool.