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College Course on Lady Gaga at Univ of South Carolina

Yes you heard right. The University of South Carolina is offering a course starting in the Spring of 2011 called “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.”

My initial reaction was that, now is way too soon to study Lady Gaga in a college setting because she popped into our lives not too long ago. “Just Dance” was released in 2008. It seems like it’s been longer. In two years she had come the most influential pop artist.

In that little amount time, Gaga has become such a powerful symbol for Gay Rights and Sexual expression. She has also been a notable speaker on the political front concerning the issues that are debated most by our political parties.

So, it very well seems like it’s been too soon, but Lady Gaga has already affected society and how we view one another within in…

The course will observe the sociology of Lady Gaga’s success in terms Business and Marketing, Radio and Internet, Gay Culture, Religion and Politics as well as Sex and Sexuality. They will pick apart and analyze piece by piece, like you do so thoroughly in college lecture courses, her videos, her lyrics and her fashion.

According to the Professor’s syllabus, “The course introduces students to a sociological analysis of selected social issues related to the work of Lady Gaga. Within the framework, the sociology of popular culture and music, this course specifically focuses on socially relevant elements in the rise of Lady Gaga’s popularity to her current status as a burgeoning pop music icon.”

Student will be able to register for the class beginning on Nov.8 but I’m almost positive that the class will be filled within a matter of minutes.

Don’t you wish you were a student at the University of South Carolina right now? School is Cool again.

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