Posted October 28, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Chicago Bears denied entry into E-Mo Club

The Chicago Bears were denied entry into a club owned by E-Mo rock n’ roller Pete Frenz from Fall-Out Boy. The arrangement was pre-arranged, and the scenario changed at entry. 25 members of the Chicago Bears were blocked from entering Pete Wentz’s trendy Chicago nightclub,  Angels & Kings, on Monday night by three bouncers, who turned them away at the door. While it cannot obviously be confirmed, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster’s gossip column, some members of the Bears felt they weren’t let in because there were too many African-Americans in the group. Awkward. F@#*ed up! (courtesy yardbarker.com, Oct 28 10:15AM) Owners should choose good bouncers with proper ethics and ethnic training. Most people would say that why you even attempt to go there in the first place; I mean look at his face. He’s whack!!! Anyone can take him in a one on one. Click Here Full Article

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