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Video: TRISH Bump (Shoes Remix)

If you are unfamiliar with Trish, it’s about time you stop sleeping.

Trish is the Toronto native signed to Capitol Records.

She’s a triple threat—singer, songwriter and dancer—and something that’s been missing from the game—something completely different…

Standing at 5’11”, “There is no one else who looks, moves or sounds like her,” according to Luther Brown, internationally-renowned choreographer and mentor to Trish.

Her music is like an R&B-fused Electro-Pop. That’s the best way I can describe it because she doesn’t exactly fit into a box.

In all honesty, no artist should ever fit into that box.

I’m excited to see Trish’s career progress as she takes on the U.S. full throttle.

Check out her new video for the Shoes Remix of Bump, directed by Warwick Saint.


And check out this clip below. It’s very old but probably still unfamiliar to many. It’s a clip from her song “Mannequin.”


Trish’s album drops Spring 2011!


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