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Did Kanye Call Amber a Bird?!? Amber to Star in New TV Show

Amber Rose has revealed on Twitter that she is planning on producing and starring in her own reality television show.  

This past Saturday Kanye premiered his 35 minute film “Runaway” simultaneously on MTV, MTV2, BET and MTV.com. Many viewers hypothesized that the short movie was made as metaphor to represent Kanye’s past relationship with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.  

In “Runway”, Selita Ebanks played a Phoenix, which is a Greek and Persian immortal mythical bird that lives between 500 and 100 years. Near the end of it’s life-cycle the Pheonix assembles a nest of twigs that magically ignites and violently burns both the nest and bird to ashes. A new young phoenix then arises to live again, and is destined to live as long as its old self.  

During a critical scene in “Runaway”, a man leans over to Kanye and asks him, “Your girlfriend is beautiful. Do you know she’s a bird?”  Kanye responds, “No, I hadn’t noticed.”

Do you think this was a insult directed toward Amber?

Taking to her Twitter page, Amber declared that she’ll tell her side of the story in a self produced television show.

While details are sparse, Amber did state it’s her “turn to talk” and she thanked kanye  for exposing her to a new world.

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