Posted October 25, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in Media

Are the Conditions of Buju Banton’s Bail Fair?

The case of four-time Grammy nominee and internationally acclaimed artist Buju Banton continues.

After ten months behind bars, Buju has been offered bail by the Sam M Gibbons Federal Court in Florida. He was offered bail after his September 27th court appearance was ruled a mistrial due to a hung jury.

Of course, any opportunity to make bail sounds like heaven on earth but not under the conditions they’ve set forth for Buju.

If he accepts, bail is $250,000 and he will be placed on house arrest.

He will have to wear an ankle bracelet and he will be surrounded by 24-hour security.

Here’s the catch though, he has to pay for the 24-hour security himself!…

Many of Buju’s fans are convinced that Buju was set up from day one and that the government is doing everything in their power to keep him behind bars, especially by making his bail terms so unpleasant.

Buju will be subjected to drug testing and the only reasons he can leave his house are for attorney meetings, doctor appointments, to purchase medication and for court-appointed hearings.

All of this seems normal, except for him having to put up all of the money.

If he accepts the bail terms, he will have to surrender all of his travel documents because the judge, Anthony Percelli, said that he is a flight-risk.

It makes sense to think that he’d flee the country, the first chance he could get onto a flight, into a boat, or inside of a barrel via fed ex. The possibilities are endless. However, Buju is internationally known. It wouldn’t be easy for him to complete the task. And I even doubt he would attempt it. He’s not a criminal in the truest sense of the word.

When he was arrested last year his visa was revoked even though he is a resident of Florida. So now, he risks getting deported back to Jamaica unless his lawyer sets up a bond with the immigration court. Of course that means Buju will be the one to pay for the immigration lawyers on top of the attorney fees he’s already overpaid in the last year.

Sometimes we forget why we he was placed behind bars. Buju was arrested for conspiracy to buy, sell and traffic cocaine.

One of the two people who had been following Buju for over a year never actually found proof of the criminal activity he’s been charged of. So he is still innocent until proven guilty.

Buju has yet to accept the bail conditions, probably because of all the fine print, and his retrial is set for December.