Posted October 23, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

50 Cent Negotiates $200 Million Movie Deal!

50 Cent is reportedly in the middle of negotiation for a $200 million agreement to make 10 films with Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate.  One of the first films that is being released is entitled “Set Up”.  It begins shooting next month and apparently the budget for that movie is a whopping $20 million.  There are also reports that Mr. Curtis Jackson will be staring in a film with Meg Ryan, “Lives Of The Saints” is rumored to begin production on early November. 50 also called in to Hot97 to speak with Funkmaster Flex on his feelings towards The Game, Rick Ross and Diddy.

50 had this to say when asked about Diddy working with Rick Ross:

“Nah, Puff is really exciting to me because I watch him and, it’s not about a song…He’s hustling,”  he said “Do I like Diddy? Yeah. I ran into him at Yankees stadium…I think it’s ill when you become bigger than a song.”

on Rick Ross:

“With Rick Ross, he’s trying to do Notorious Ross. It’s almost an insult…That’s what they callin’ it. Notorious Ross is trying to do the Biggie thing.”

on working with The Game in the Future:

“I’m really not interested in working with [Game] because I don’t understand why that happened…”