Posted October 22, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

The Heat is on LeBron

With the NBA season staring on Tuesday October 26th and the Heat taking on the Celtics LeBron is facing some of his own heat right about now. LeBron recently shared some hateful tweets that have been coming him way: wowww is all I have to say. Was that serious? what does “u try to hide ur ghettoness” even mean? I can understand that everyone has their feelings about LBJ and his decision to take his talents to south beach but that tweet was just down right ignorant and nasty.  I’m sure everyone that is in the public eye has to go through their fair share of hating but that really does suck.

Last night the Heat took on the Hawks in a pre-season game. The hawks won 98-89.  LBJ scored 38 pts alone!!!! which is amazing considering Dwayne Wade is hurt. LeBron has so much pressure on him this season and to me he seems to be doing perfectly fine. Sports Center did a rating on liked players and last year King James came in as the 2nd most liked player… but this year he fell to the 78th spot. SMH. Hopefully the Heat can pull it off this year.

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