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Ginuwine Right on Time

Ginuwine is gettin ready to release his seventh studio album titled Elgin.

His newest single is called “What Could Have Been” and he performed it Live at the Apollo Theater on Wednesday October 20th.

The great thing about Ginuwine and this album is that him and his team have gotten to work early. And by early, I mean right on time…

Some artists these days think it’s okay to drop a single the same day as the album, or start promoting a week before.

That’s not going to sell records.

You’ve got to beast through the door by dropping more than one single, weeks to months, before the album drops.

As hard as it is to sell albums right now, your fans have got to know that they are supporting you for more than one good track. A minimum of two singles and performing at venue after venue is what it takes, especially for an O.G. like Ginuwine, in order to plug his name back in and get the buzz going consistently, prior to the album release.

It’s October, and the album drops February 8th, so I’d say Ginuwine is on his grind. I’m hoping to hear at least one more song before the start of 2011. Listen to “What Could’ve Been” below.

[audio:http://thatsenuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Ginuwine-What-Couldve-Been.mp3|titles=Ginuwine – What Couldve Been]

photo courtesy of ConcreteLoop

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