Posted October 21, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in Style and Fashion

Adriana Lima Debuts Victoria’s Secret $2 Million Bra

photo from egotastic.com

Every year Victoria’s Secret releases an absolutely ridiculously priced bra and one special angel gets to debut it for the company.  This year Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima will be wearing this fantasy bra.  This is the second time that the Angel is debuting the 142 carats of white diamond, sapphire and topaz stone bra. Who out there would really spend that much money on a bra??? I’m good with the $32 ones they sell in the store at the mall. But hey to each their own… she does look ridiculously glamorous in these pictures at the Victoria’s Secret store in SOHO. So does this mean that now that Heidi Klum retired from Vicki’s that Adriana will be replacing her as Head Angel? And yes folks there is such thing as head angel.