Posted October 20, 2010 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

No Sparkles! We’re trying to get Drunk

New studies show that our consistent urge to get BODIED in the club can be attributed to our genetic makeup. That’s right. It’s all in your DNA.

You’ve got your people who get tipsy off of that one drink with sparkles in it and then you’ve got your soldier who takes 13 shots to the head and they’re still sober.

Apparently it’s not a coincidence. Scientists have identified a gene that has a big effect on how we respond to alcohol.

It’s called CYPE2E1, the tipsy gene.

Most of us have learned that alcohol is broken down in the liver but to our surprise some of it is broken down in our brains. That’s where the gene comes into play.

According to the UK Daily Mail, “Between 10 and 20 percent of the population have a different form of the gene…which makes them more sensitive due to the release of [free radicals] in their brain.”

Interesting right?

So that means the majority of people drink plenty because their gene is relatively normal.

Everyone else… is a lightweight. Their gene is faulty so the brain is extra-sensitive to alcohol. Lightweights get tipsy much, much faster because it literally goes straight to the head!

The next time you’re sipping, take a moment to guess which form of the gene you have.

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