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Strawberry Trend: OMG! Japanese 3D Nail Art

Picture: Lady Gaga’s Calgel 3D Extention with Swavorski Crystal Nails from her Bad Romance video

You may be wondering what exactly Japanese 3D Nail art is. Essentially, a manicurist constructs designs that pop out of the nail beds. This crazy trend comes from the Japanese Harajuku scene, where building Hello Kitty characters on your nails is their ultimate fashion craze.

Three of our generations biggest superstars; Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have been rocking them. I’m totally in love with nail art, because  it makes me feel so fancy!
To get the look of Lady Gaga’s nails, you need to find a salon that carrys Calgel nail products. Calgel is a revolutionary gel that is put directly on the natural nail like regular polish. Ladies can use  the product on their nails and toes. Nails are not damaged by this product, and actually grow healthy under the protective layer of Calgel. You can ask for handpainted designs for your Calgel nails, or if your feeling bold ask for 3D Calgel extentions, glitter, embossed 3d decals, or Swavorski crystals!

Tip: If my nails are super busy I try not over do myself by wearing very light  jewelery. Just go with simple earrings and keep your hands bare. However, if you are an entertainer, you got the green light to do whatever you want!

MARIE NAILS is located in NYC and LA is a very popular salon that performs the 3D Calgel technique.

Feeling this nail art but cant afford it? If you’ve literally got some time on your hands check out DIY LACE NAILS

Don’t feel like dressing up this year?

Celebrate Halloween on your nails!


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