Posted October 7, 2010 by Global Vito in Enuff Updates

Beats By Dre New Fall Line

All the new products were introduced yesterday at exclusive event in NYC,

hosted by tech guru Mario Armstrong and DJ Enuff.

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The Beats Pro are meant for the DJs and music-making hobbyists. it has more bass than the originals and the earbuds swivel. It also has an extra jack on the buds that lets a friend plug into your headphones and hear what you’re listening to. These things were delayed a year because Dre and Iovine had Monster produce 60 different variations! Niceeeeee!!! (Fabolous Voice)

The Beatbox iPod Dock . It’s has no batteries, but that’s because it’s has a 300w amp.

Power Beats, Not only do they have the incredible Beats sound, they also have control talk so you can talk on your iPhone with them.


Since these are aimed at Bieber’s young fans they’re the cheapest in the lineup, though the in-ear models still have control talk for iPhone users.