Posted September 23, 2010 by Global Vito in Enuff Updates

Cloud Kicker Limited Edition T-Shirt with Wiz Khalifa

Limited Edition T-Shirt with Wiz Khalifa

Check out more Tee’s  Cloud Kicker Toll Free Number at 1-888-698-6608

Since not everyone gets to be an Astronaut when they grow up, we decided to launch our own clothing company.

It all started with our trademark “Cloudie” logo. The distinctly branded cloud character has sneakers for eyes and a smile. Hence, the name “Cloud Kicker”.

As eighties babies, we spent the first decade of our lives in neon windbreakers and kicks. This is our vision for the future of fashion not far removed from our early days. Consider us preservationists with our minds focused on the future. While the labelers just imitate and recycle retro styles, we’ve consistently remained unique.