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STRAWBERRYview: Fred The Godson

Strawberry Blunt had the opportunity to interview Fred da Godson on DTFRADIO.


SB: “Where did you get the name Fred The Godson from?”

Fred The Godson: “…My name is Fred you know what I’m saying so um godson came from my doctor because I suffer from diabetes, asthma, kidney failure and high blood pressure so”

SB: “Hows your daily schedule, like how do you interact with that?”

Fred The Godson: “Samething, you know I just gotta take pills and everything so, but its part of me having a pump on me at all times so like its just part of me.. so its doesn’t even bother… its second nature to me now”

SB: “When did the doctors diagnose you with diabetes?”

Fred The Godson: “A couple of years ago, and high blood pressure a couple of years ago too. I mean my father got diabetes and high blood pressure but I always had kidney failure and asthma.”

SB: “Im sorry to hear that. On a lighter note, I heard you got an award for best punch line.”

Fred The Godson: “It was for best punch lines”

SB: “Whoops, I thought it was only one specific punch line! Hmm… Well, what do you think your all time best punch line is?”


Fred The Godson:: “Well it only took one… I don’t know I got a lot…  I got lines that some people don’t get and it will take them a year to get it and then they’ll call m.e”

SB: “Listen that Beyonce Michelle threw me off the roof!”

Fred The Godson: “Yea… I work clips well. Two guns named Kelly and B, so it won’t be a Michelle…”

SB: “In 2007 you won best male rapper and you weren’t in that category this year… Did you feel a certian way about that?”

Fred The Godson: “Nah because um… shout out to my man Jesse Jess,  he has the shows and it’s people that really follow the shows and I haven’t been in no show lately…In 07′ I was really from the ground working, and I’ve been doing so much of this…”

SB: “So you graduated from that level already.”

Fred The Godson:: “Yea, yea… or I would have been looking like Alicia Keys coming out that man with the grammys and all that.”

SB: “You would have won too easy…Fred where are you originally from… I’ve been shouting you out but I want the people to know from your own words where your from

Fred The Godson: “The Bronx”

SB: “What part?”

Fred The Godson: “South Bronx, 156th and Fox”

SB: “How did you even get into rapping, tell me your story, tell me what your about.”

Fred The Godson: “Now I could always freestyle, you know play around snap on people… and do that, I never thought I was going to take it seriously though.”

SB: “So when did you know that you wanted to take it serious?”

Fred The Godson: “When people started telling me, like ‘Hey, you should start writing!’, I would never write I would just freestyle.”

SB: “Do you think the best rappers don’t write anything? Some people start off not writing.”

Fred The Godson: “Yea I started off not writing, there’s people that start off writing and then not writing but mines was reverse.”

SB: You have been called ‘hip-hop’s messiah’, meaning that people think that your going to bring shine back to New York hip-hop. Fans and important industry heads are putting a lot of pressure on you . I just want to know if are you are feeling that pressure? Does it bother you that they expect you to save New York hip-hop?”

Fred The Godson: “Nah theres no pressure,  I mean I take everything for a joke anyway.”

SB: “Yea? everythings just real light?”

Fred The Godson: “Nah, you just gotta go with it man you can’t really think about that pressure and everything. I mean I know what I do so they telling me these things because of what I do. So I guess all I gotta do is keep doing what I do and everything will be good.”

SB: “What do you think works for you besides your lyrics? What do you think your best attribute is?”

Fred The Godson: “It’s… It’s the way I say it, like cuz ever since I was young I would like a certain rapper and other people would hate that rapper.  I would tell them why I liked that rapper, and tell them they lyrics and then they would always say  ‘see when you say the rhyme it sounds good, but when he say the rhyme it doesn’t sound good’ . “

SB: “I read that you had dreams of being a rapper since you were 8, so what was your earliest musical memory?”

Fred The Godson: “Hammer”

SB: “MC Hammer?”

Fred The Godson: “…Yea, He the best… yea he’s crazy because the way he preformed with all the people, the dancing, that was fire when I was young”

SB: “Ok, So give us the story behind you latest single, “So Crazy”, like how did that come about… Who produced it?”

Fred The Godson: “Street Fabulous from France… thats my in house and they the best in the world.”

SB: “So I wanna know where can we download or purchase you mixtape “Big Bronx”‘ and is that your newest mixtape?”

Fred The Godson: “I mean thats the last joint I put out… That came out in February,  I’m working on a DJ Drama, Big Bronx, Reloaded… that will be out next month”

SB: “What is your concept and ideas for it?”

Fred The Godson: “Yea… everything fire, bars of death. It will be better then 95% of everybodys album  out there some people say 100%… Thats real talk though..”

SB: “What is your definition of Hip-Hop?”

Fred The Godson: “… Getting busy, like from my stand point that you gotta move that pen, you gotta show that you better then… because you know everybody can rap, everybody loves to rap… anybody can rap. It’s like basketball, everybody got a jump shot, everybody can play ball, but you gotta prove why your that good, why you deserve to be in this league.”

SB: “And why do you deserve to be in this league?”

Fred The Godson: “Fire… bars bars you can hear its different… I think different then people, then most… you know thats why the lines the metaphors, the songs, the delivery, everything is different than everybody out there.”

SB: “Ever since that song with Fat Joe he has said that he has mad respect for you and he brought you out at SOB’s right?

Fred The Godson: “I didn’t go out to preform but yea… that day he just gave me six, seven shout outs.”

SB: “So he also brought you out at Webster Hall on Flex’s b-day… How does it feel for someone like Joe to bring you out and say that your the next out of the BX.”

Fred The Godson: “It’s huge, it’s big, it’s flattering, because… that boy been out for like 20 years… its rare to have a 20 year career in anything you know what I’m saying… let alone in hip hop so by him recognizing what I’m doing and calling me ‘the best’ … to bring the Bronx hip-hop and everything back, that’s flattering. I mean it can only help me and my ego, and my work ethic.”