Posted September 9, 2010 by DJ Enuff in ThatsEnuff

Joe Montana ruins “Rudy”

Joe Montana went on a talk show, “The Dan Patrick Show” the other day and ruined the day by chalking up Rudy Ruettiger Click Here Full Article. Joe Montana use to be teammates with Rudy on Notre Dame, and this very team inspired the 1993 movie “Rudy”. He changed the whole meaning of this classic feel-good movie by saying that noone cheered “Rudy” in real life in the climatic scene. They also stated that when they carried “Rudy” off the field on their shoulders it was more of a goof than anything else“I won’t say it was a joke, but it was playing around,” Montana said. What everyone in the world is wondering is… ‘Why Joe Montana?’ Are you trying to become a bitter old man?

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