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MMA UFC 118 vs. WWF 1980’s


            MMA UFC 118 vs WWF 1980’s If you were Spanish growing up in the 80’s, chances were you were watching WWF (World Wrestling Federation) same as everyone else in USA. Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant were idols to everyone in America. As it goes on, by the time 90’s hit, WWF had too much talk and not enough action. Creating lame characters that don’t even like to rarely do actually fight (wrestle).
           MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) of today is just like WWF in the 80’s, the only difference is the ability to strike: punch and kick. The MMA of today seems fair, but really comes down to it is nothing more than a hardcore wrestling match. One sweep kick and the wrestler wrestling begins. Once a choke is established [especially when better striker usually correlates to a weaker wrestler] the match is an all out ‘breath choke fest with men in tights.’
           Look at Kimbo Slice, he wasn’t getting knocked in MMA, he was getting choked out. Look at James “Lights Out” Toney who just last Saturday August 28, 2010 Click Here Full Article Courtesy of FoxSports was got knocked… sorry choked out to defeat (Couture).
           There is only one MMA fighter that I consider to represent the true art of the MMA; that is BJ Penn. ‘He’ll fight you hand to hand, and wrestle you if want to take him that route; shows really represents the art of war.’ BJ Penn did take a loss Saturday to a wrestler Frankie Edgar. Youtube Video Link to B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
           47-Year Old Randy Couture winning the bout Saturday against James “Lights Out” Toney James “Lights Out” Toney vs. Randy Couture YouTube Video ‘was like eating a ham sandwich after a bowl of cereal.’

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