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Strawberry Favs: Sexy Waves For The Summer



In the summer, a natural look is always better- especially when it comes  to your locks. The sun dries out our hair, humidity works against us, and most of the time it gets too hot and uncomfortable to blow out our tresses. It’s really crucial to find hair products that can manage hair without using heat.

My favorite hair style for the summer is gorgeous beachy waves, and I swear Sally Hershberger products for this look. Sally Hershberger is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists across the globe.  She has recently created a hair care collection and all her products are AMAZING! Her line tames frizz, enhances curves with a glossy finish and gives you that “undone” shaggy look that’s to die for.  The best part is that her line is completely affordable – none of her products are over $15!!!

If you have naturally curly hair- don’t fret- these products won’t make you look like Shirley Temple. It will calm down your curls and leave with that sexy wave you’re aiming for.  I came up with a trick that only takes three easy steps, and it really works wonders on my naturally curly locks.



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Click more for my 3 step process !!!

STEP 1: Shampoo and condition your hair. I use Sally Hershberger shampoo & conditioner becuase I’m obsessed,  but your regular kind will work fine.

STEP 2: Apply Sally Hershberger Style Premier to your wet clean and conditioned hair, and then put your hair into two pigtail braids. Leave the braids in for about 20 min (don’t let your hair fully dry or else you will get that “crimped” look), and then take them out.  Putting your hair in braids gives your hair some direction and tames frizz.

STEP 3: Blow out your bangs if you have any, because polishing the front of your hair takes takes any style from messy to sexy. Now apply Sally Hershbergy Finishing Cream for a glossy hold, and *poof* you have gorgeous tousled waves to rock out with!  I have gotten my friends hooked this technique- give it a try- you’ll thank me later!

If you want to touch up your hair during the day, put it it back into the pig tail braids, let it  sit for like 15 minutes and then re-apply the Finishing Cream. Your do’ will insta

ntly look refreshed.