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Going Global w/ XO – I Got Doe

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XO DownLoad


Coming to the stage, hailing from the Nation’s Capitol Washington, DC, weighing in with some of the illest bars in the rap game is Jamaal Walton. He also goes by the name of X.O. (meaning unknown origin) and he blends his soulful brand of music with gritty, real life lyrics that portray the life of a District of Columbia native. His art encompasses many genres, but cannot be packaged into just one.

This 23 year old veteran of the D.C. underground hip hop scene is well regarded amongst his peers. He hosts a weekly open mic, never missing a show and always willing to please the crowd with a line or two. He has linked up with some of the best DC has to offer; notably, his group Diamond District with Oddisee and YU with their album, “In the Ruff”, his collaboration with Interscope artist Wale on his mixtape, “The Takeover Part 2”, and his joint mixtape, “Timeless” with notable producer Judah.
X.O. is as complex as the very environment from which he hails. His “shock value” delivery grabs his audience, leaving their heads bobbing and minds churning. X.O. strives to bring feeling back to the hip hop game. He dares to inject creativity and color into his music, while still catering to the masses. X.O. embodies the definition of consistency. He is hungry, in fact he is starving to get his word out to the masses and possess so much creativity that will soon be visible for the rest of the world to share in. When you ask X.O. on his feelings about his own music, his statement is very straight to the point, but hits home and he simply states “Some people live for the moment, some people are the moment”.

X.O. was signed to Studio 43 by Kenny Burns April 2009. In June, Studio 43 presented one of X.O.’s biggest projects to date, partnered and produced by AB The Producer, titled “Monumental” and it sure lived up to the name. Within one week, “Monumental” had over 8,000 downloads. When asked, Studio 43’s Founder Kenny Burns states that “In a time where music is lacking HONESTY & REALITY, X.O. provides a Heavy dosage of both. His preacher like quality allows him to capture your curiosity and his powerful lyrics sit on your soul. He is Necessary!” X.O. easily stands out as one of the best and most diverse artists in the Washington, D.C. area, so if you find yourself still asking when is his time going to be? Well, his time is now. So sit back, relax and let X.O. take you on his personal journey of being the revival of hip hop.