Posted May 22, 2010 by Global Vito in Enuff Updates

The Life Anthology

The Life Anthology- (Volume 1) from Chris Classic on Vimeo.

#Life is an amazing journey on which every traveler must find his own path. The Life Anthology represents all of the emotions, issues, high & lows any one person can go thru in one day and sets them to a beat. Hip Hop has been omitted from contention when it comes to defining the average American life. This travesty has unfortunately alienated many rap/ hip hop fans who seek more than just doing a catchy dance or repeating a pathetically slurred chorus. In business, it has also distanced popular brands from really reaching the core of the hip hop community.

For almost 10 years I’ve written songs for Film & TV. It’s provided a living for me that I feel blessed by. What better way to stay true to my #life than to make short films about my passion and supply the music? The plan is to add to The Life Anthology every quarter with a new short film & EP.( I’m sure with the right help I could actually do this monthly…) Ultimately it is my aim to spearhead a movement in which the amazing parallel between hip hop & American culture can be identified & celebrated. Im not trying to promote some corny “unity” idea. I just want us to live BETTER as individuals.

We all breathe. We all bleed. We all have a beat. We live. Find your life. The Life Anthology. (The EP is available for free here: http://www.chrisclassic.bandcamp.com/