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The Dish W/Heather B

The DISH W/ Heather B

What up Ya’ll,

“White People”
(But, really it’s Thursday!)

Question via email:

Heather can you explain the difference between a “shout out” and “shot out”?


A “SHOUT OUT” is recognition.
Props. A Big Up. Love.

Ex. Yo, SHOUT OUT to Brooklyn for representin’.


YO, lemme SHOUT OUT my peoples real quick; Wallet-Head, Shu-Bug, and my homegirl Sugar Drawers. You know how we do!


SHOT OUT means crazy.
Losing it. Buggin.
What’s really good with you?

Ex. Wallet- Head spent 50 dollars in the club tonight on drinks, then gonna ask me to buy him a hot-dog when we were leaving;


Every time her&her boyfriend break up, she hates him…. UNTIL he comes back around again; She’s SHOT OUT.

And finally, an example of BOTH phrases used in a sentence:

Yo, real talk; It’s kinda SHOT OUT that mad people SHOUT OUT Brooklyn, when half of them be from Jersey. LOL!
-I hope that clears it all up for you.