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What’s Your Cup of Tea?

Tea Thoughts of the Day

If you are an oolong tea drinker, you face the world with joy and see the hidden potential in everyone you meet. you thrive on challenge and can achieve much in this life through hard work and discipline. There’s a part of you that loves excitement and freedom from routine.

Infusing tea leaves in a teapot became a widespread practice in China during the early Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Therefore, modern tea drinking is probably less than seven hundred years old

Apricot Sipper

Heat 1 cup Apple Juice and 1 cup Apricot Nectar in a saucepan until boiling. Remove from heat and add 3 green tea bags. Steep two minutes. Strain and serve hot. Serves two

Jasmine tea is a green or semi-fermented oolong with jasmine flowers added for a delicate flavor.