Posted April 25, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in Style and Fashion

Brian Lichtenberg

Brian Lichtenberg is so hot with the celebrities right now! His dresses are super flashy and so sexy. From Kim Kardashian to rival Paris Hilton everyone is wearing Brian’s fabulous dresses.

Alex and Chloe is an awesome online boutique that you can find everything by Brian Lichtenberg.  Not only does he make insane dresses he also has mad funky leggings, jeans, cute shirts and some jewelry.

This padded one shoulder glitter dress is so hot right now.  It also come is an army gold and red.  The dress is about $370 and Paris rocked it in blue.

This dress is soooo hot. Kimmie K rocked it this past year for her birthday in vegas and after that Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing it. It comes in black, gold, and silver.  On top of this being a sick dress it has a hood as well !!!! It costs a pretty penny of $555 but its a piece you can have forever! Lace is sooo in right now! Has been and will be for a while.  This is super sexy, and if showing off your lingerie isn’t something your into then you can wear a black slip underneath and it will still look just as fab for $370.

Another hot one shoulder dress. This multi colored green and blue dress is so hot and again Kim K is such a fan and wore it.  This is also $370.

Ok I just wanted to show you all how insane Brian Lichtenberg tights are!  These patchwork leggings are so hot its crazy.  For $250 they are pretty expensive for a pair of leggings but they are absolutely unique in every possible way.

Make sure to check out everything that Brian Lichtenberg has to offer at Alex and Chloe

XOXO Lauren Ashley