Posted March 10, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in Heavy Hitters

Catch ‘The Wizards NYC’ on Hot97.com and Thisis50.com 8pm EST

This compelling show explores the lives of three of NYC’s most popular hip hop DJs. The boys symbolically dubbed themselves ‘ the wizards’ because they magically control club crowds through the power of their hands that dazzle decks.  Come explore the glamorous grind of these DJ superstars.  

I am happy to see some of the hardest working DJs in NYC get the recognition they deserve.

Don’t forget to watch ‘The Wizards NYC’ online tonight with Heavy Hitters DJ Enuff, DJ Camilo and DJ Cipha Sounds at 8pm EST on Hot97 and ThisIs50

PS. These guys are soooo hysterical in person, I’m sure anything they put out will have ya rolling on the floor.