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R.I.P Notorious B.I.G.

Christopher Wallace–better known as Biggie Smalls–passed away thirteen years ago on March 9th, 1997.  Today, we celebrate his life as we remember the greatest hip hop artist to ever grace this earth.

Shouts to Mister Cee who did his annual tribute to the fallen legend during his ‘Throw Back at Noon’ program on Hot97.
Download Mr.Cee’s Annual Biggie Day Tribute Hot97 Throwback at Noon

Check out these hott throwback  Biggie freestyles with DJ Enuff. If ya’ll didnt know DJ Enuff was Biggie’s road DJ back in the day.  



 Enuff is paying homage as we speak during the commercial free rush hour on Hot97! I am enjoying his set live hehe…once he is finished , I’ll post it up for those of you who missed it.

Tonight DJ Enuff and Tony Touch will be at Sutra Lounge. You already know they will be reppin Biggie hard. Sutra is the best hip hop spot in NYC on Tuesday nights.

Sutra Lounge– 16 1st Avenue
                                  New York, NY 10009


“The Finisher” Mr.Cee, Diddy and Dirty Money will be at the LAB in Brooklyn tonight.

The LAB : 1428 Fulton Ave (Corner of Brooklyn Ave /Bed Stuy) BK, NY

Doors: 8:00pm | Event: 9:30 pm

Tickets: $40

Diddy in Brooklyn? This tribute event is going to be crazy…RIP BIGGIE!