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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is a predominately African-American fraternity whose fundamental purpose is achievement.  We train our members for leadership throughout all walks of life as we continue to strive for excellence in our academic pursuits. On the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, African American men began an all male organization better known as a fraternity by the name of Alpha Kappa Nu.  But this fraternity was not strong enough to last and therefore it no longer exist.  Later, a transfer student by the name of Elder Watson Diggs decided to carry on this idea and began a new fraternity.  On the night of January 5, 1911, this noble man along with nine others by the names of Alexander, Asher, Armstrong, Blakemore, Caine, Edmonds, Grant, Irvin, and Lee founded the fraternity of Kappa Alpha Nu in honor of the previous all African American fraternity, which was later changed to what is now known as Kappa Alpha Psi, the first African American Fraternity originated by all undergraduate students.  Kappa Alpha Nu became officially incorporated on May 15, 1911. The fraternity name was changed to Kappa Alpha Psi on April 15, 1915. With achievement as it’s purpose, Kappa Alpha Psi began uniting college men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of a fraternity at schools such as University of Illinois, University of Iowa, and Wilberforce to name a few. Today, the fraternity initiates more than eighteen hundred members every year. We host chapters not only all over the country but all over the world.  The colors of this noble fraternity are Krimson and Kream. The flower is the Red Karnation and our animal is the Red Kardinal (not the playboy bunny). We are the only NPHC organization that has 100% NO honorary members. Also we are known not only for our community service and leadership but also kane twirling, shimmy, and the pretty boy image. Here a few of their famous members

Cedric “The Entertainer” Kyles – Comedian, Movie Star

John Singleton – Director, best known for Boyz N the Hood and Rosewood

Tavis Smiley – Talk show host, political commentator; author

Robert L. Johnson – Founder and CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET)

John F. Street – Mayor of Philadelphia

Daniel James, Jr. – First African-American four star general

Calvin O. Butts III – Pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, NY and President of S.U.N.Y College at Old Westbury

Wilt Chamberlain – NBA Hall of Fame

John Chaney – Former head coach of Temple University

Bill Russell – Boston Celtics Legend, NBA Hall of Fame

Arthur Ashe – Tennis Legend , social activist