Posted February 25, 2010 by Strawberry Blunt in ThatsEnuff

Is Weezy Leaving Twitter??!


Lil Wayne officially joined Twitter last week under the alias, Liltunechi, but it looks like he is already thinking about deleting his account! Seems like Weezy got his feelings hurt when he was the victim of the trending topic, #LilWayneDeepTweets. Here are several of Dwayne Carter’s emotional tweets that provoked last night’s trending topic:

“love is a road without signs yet we still drive bekuz we kan only imagine whats ahead.”

“if we are all here for a reason,im just visiting.”

“iz it betta 2 b believed r believed in? wen ive ben told im unbelievable.but it takes more effort 2 believe than 2 kill;dont kill yo beliefs.”

“if love is everywhere,i’ll never end up in the middle of nowhere.”

“we go,but where?……..we are what we bring bak,if we return…”


After receiving negative feedback on his philosophical thoughts he tweeted:

“gunna stop with the tweets now that i see they’re so unliked…..its a mirror of my thoughts,and obviously my thoughts arent welkome.sorry”


Weezy F. Baby! You’re  more sensitive than I thought, but it’s very sexy when a man can turn-off his thug side. Poor guy, he’s  definitely going through some ish with going to jail and all ( *sigh -_-* )…I wonder if he is talking about his love for Shanel in those tweets? Hmm, the two claim to be just friends, but I don’t think I’m completely buying that. Carter likes to be in relationships…

 My advice for the rapper is to get used to the haters on Twitter, it may be overwhelming at first— but soon you will become immune to it!  Dust your shoulders off.

 What do you think of Lil Wayne’s tweets? Do you think he should continue to post on twitter before he puts in time next week? Comment and let us know!