Posted February 13, 2010 by Global Vito in ThatsEnuff

You can’t put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories

It’s Valentine’s Day Tomorrow, for those that are without a boo to take out to dinner, movies or even a broadway play, are probably feeling a little Jaheim, or even Brian McKnight-ish (Lonely). And you know what happens when people get lonely: they end up getting to know themselves a lil’ better , if you know what I mean. But its crazy how as long as humans have had genitals, we’ve found artificial ways to stimulate them. But it took the repressed Victorian era to create the vibrator. ┬áCheck this out, I stumbled on a flick that I had to share, This mechanical vibrator was invented by Dr. George Taylor in 1869. They were getting it in back than Sheesh!! (Juelz Santana Voice). For More Info