Posted February 3, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

DJ Enuff’s Super Bowl Top 10

The Indianapolis Colts Vs The New Orleans Saints

DJ Enuff’s Top 10 must Do 4 Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Make sure the beers are cold and have something salty  ready Chips, Pretzels or Peanuts
  2. Keep the Ladies out of the house If you Can. Send them out.
  3. The lil kids can go on a play date or even better a sleep over even if it’s Sunday Night
  4. BJ’s, Costco and Walmart Hands down are the best bang for all your Football Needs!
  5. Make Sure to remove anything you don’t want to brake by mistake or accident while watching the game
  6. Only invite over real football fans
  7. If you have a woman that understands how important this game is for us Then she could stay.
  8. A Real Added Bonus is that your Woman Cooks Food for the Fans then Serves everyone.
  9. For the none girlfriend or wife having guys Atomic Wings,Dominoes, KFC, Whitecastle or McDonalds is the way to go.
  10. Always DVR your program so u can do the instant replays yourself.

Please leave comments so we can do another top ten before Sunday. I’m taking your input