Posted February 2, 2010 by DJ Quiz in Media

Jay Electronica on ALLHIPHOP.COM

ALLHIPHOP.COM interviews Jay Electronica and mentions DJ Enuff:

“The challenge for Jay Electronica (and for the Nations) is to not confuse longing with demand. Until the conscious communities rally around his music as a commercial bloc and intelligently influence DJs, Program Directors and industry executives that there is the potential for a teenage market for Jay Electronica’s music, don’t expect a cross over appeal and heavy rotation anytime soon. There are conscious professionals, and very well-meaning professionals on the inside of most of these radio stations and video outlets who would love to support this artist, but they have to be given a business cover to do so. The Heavy Hitter, Hot 97’s DJ Enuff deserves credit for taking the chance on playing ‘Exhibit C,’ but an army needs to come behind him, not just willing to applaud Jay-Electronica but write letters, make phone calls, and put up their dollars to support his career, showing the world of trade and commerce that they aren’t doing them any favors. Playing Jay Electronica’s music (and videos) is good for business is all we should expect them to care about.”