Posted February 2, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Music

Classic Jazz Piece Joe Sample – Rainbow Seeker 1978

This is a must pick up. Maybe you know it?  Maybe you don’t? It doesn’t matter. This paints a NYC soundtrack for me only because I was raised here. Maybe for you This can be a soundtrack for a different place representing a different time. Can You Dig It? Can You Dig It? CAAAANNNN YYYOOOOUUUUU DDDDIIGGGG IT? This reminds me of little joints and wine to make the time go bye. To escape the Bullshit, the rotten smell of the city streets, the loud ass couple upstairs fighting all night long, The sirens from emergency vehicles and the loud as window seeker who knew and called out everyones name and business! Joe Sample made a classic. The Crusaders had his back Stix Hooper & Wilton Felder Please listen with open minds and open hearts – DJ Enuff

As I near the next decade of my life, and reflect on the past, I realize; “There are Many Stops Along Thew Way” Too frequently those stops were; “Islands in the Rain” It was the; “Melodies of Love” that my family taught me and inspired the discipline to dream and work for a meaningful life. “In all my Wildest Dreams” I never dreamed I could feel and touch that life now, today. I learned that I could not make it alone, “Together We’ll Find a Way” if we are stones in an Everlasting Pyramid. “Fly with Wings of Love” for the rest of your life. “As Long as it Lasts” I am; “Rainbow Seeker” If you seek the Rainbow you’ll find it – Joe Sample