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Abuelita moved into Tribeca?

I’m sending you Abuelita’s address right now. Sazon I heard it’s off the hook. It’s a big place, 6500 Square Feet in a area called Tribeca in Downtown Manhattan. She even has an old fashion San Juan Buck Bar Full Service. Tapas to great Drinks. You know the Sangria is incredible. The red or the white. I’m so happy Authentic Puerto Rican Food. Ok on my way now. I Can’t stop thinking of the food. empanadas, tostones, carne frita, chicharron de pollo, maduros, arroz con gandules, mofongo, pernil, even corned beef guisado, sancocho, and paella. I’m hungry.

Hey I just got here Grandma doesn’t live here. Some guy name JR The owner and The Chef Frank Maldonado reside her. Abuelita is no where in sight. Frank is making me a Jibarito Sandwich from scratch. Grandma never made that for us. Your an idiot. The food taste like grandma’s but she doesn’t live here. They even have live music. Hey when Frank is finished he said he’s going to play the flute for me .                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sazon on 105 Reade Street NY NY 10013 Tel:212 406 1900 www.sazonnyc.com