Posted January 30, 2010 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Nankai Hawks 1947 to 1988 I got an Exclusive Watch!

Japan, Osaka stadium, former home ground of baseball team Nankai Hawks. The stadium situated in center of Osaka City, with capacity of 31379 seats. In 1988, The Hawks’ owner company sold the team to Daiei Group and moved to Fukuoka City. As 3 remaining teams in Metro Osaka got their own stadiums, Osaka stadium was abandoned for baseball and soon converted to sample housing showground. The stadium was demolished in 1998 and and shopping center is build on that location.

My Japanese Heavy Hitter Brother from another Mother DJ Lead Gave me this watch for my Birthday. I was like nice. Thank U. He said exclusive. Ok Exclusive! He said it was an old Japanese Basball Team The Nankai Hawks 1947 to 1988. So Lead said it’s symbolic to us, like your Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Team. As soon as he said that I was even more honored to receive the G-Shock. It meant something to him so it means something to me. I don’t remember if he said only 100 or 300 in the world. Thats really a Great Exclusive!

If anybody out there can find me a Baseball Jersey to go with my watch? please email me  enuff@thatsenuff.com