Posted January 27, 2010 by DJ Enuff in
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You tapped that? Dre tapped that also. Man we All Tapped That! Hey Girl I think I caught Something?

It’s Winter time Now but before we know it Spring will be here. New Gear New Hair New Fashion New Style New Music that equals New Ass! With Spring Break around the corner as we all know it. I pose this Question. I’m on Fire I think I caught something? What do you mean? I mean literally young Teen and Adults will Catch something during Spring Break. STDs rises every time around Spring Break. Many unsuspecting young cats contract “The Most Dangerous Diseases” (Yelloman Reggae Song) The herpes infection rate sky rockets on campus following Spring Break. Yikes! The University of Florida Stats say that women are at the most risk, and unfortunately they are the group that bear the most devastating consequences on Infection.

First, get immediate medical attention, then carefully follow the advice of your doctor. Most STD’s are treatable, if not curable. A good recovery is better than a great lawsuit. This is so TRUE!

Second, do not infect others and by all means stop having sexy time with the person who infected you! 4 Real! Continuing to have sexy time with the person who transmitted the disease happens more frequently than anyone would imagine and cares to admit. So you think you know your partner. Don’t Gamble this ain’t Craps at a Las Vegas Casino. This is TRUE LIFE.

Third, consult a lawyer. Immediate legal advice gives you better options. I can’t believe I just typed that. Take care of your Coochie Coo! That’s all I’m saying. Fellas Strap it up Strap it up Strap it up Bass Drop!