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Where My Frats @? – “DO-OR-DIE BABY BOOMERS!”


By Paul Johnson Jr.

I started to make this column very politically correct by stating facts, generic comments

and all kinds of generic literature you can trace back and prove my words right, but who

the hell wants to read that? This isn’t the Wall Street Journal; this is ThatsEnuff.com!

You can’t sue me anyway, all of my money’s under the mattress. We’re gonna have some


So, 2009 was a huge semester for SUNY College at Old Westbury. The pretty-boy Nupes

of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated added eight new initiates to their already

prestigious, remarkable, jet-setting Mu Omicron chapter. If you haven’t figured it out yet,

I am also a member of the greatest Organization known to man (Chazz Michael-

Michaels: Maxim, 2005). BOOM!

After a sticky situation (pause), the Alphas decided to not participate in intake during

Spring 2009. Neither did the Ques. Or did they? [Kanye shrugs]. The Deltas had about

seven and the Zetas had two. But the attention belongs to the AKA’s and the SGRho’s!

Both “DO OR DIE” chapters at Old Westbury reactivated: “Do or Die” Nu Psi and “Do

or Die” Kappa Xi. The SGRho’s brought in a line of ten and the AKA’s took the cake

with 18! Both chapters claim the moniker of “The Do or Die” Chapters, but who are the

real tiara holders?

Hofstra led the AKA comeback in 2005. Since then, CW Post had about 22 a few

semesters ago, ST. John’s raked in about 20. Westbury had 18 while rumors fly about

Stony Brook’s reactivation. That’s a lot of Pink and Green.

Sigma Gamma Rho has also grown steadily since 2007. Between St. John’s and Stony

Brook, they’ve represented Royal Blue and Gold pretty well while Old Westbury had

their Poodle-pot simmering, spilling their dime line.

If you ask an AKA, she’ll say, “we were phirst and we’re phinest! Take yo’ last-ass to the

end of the line!” If you ask an SGRho, she’ll probably say something like, “see me in the

cut, trick!” I’ve always been a fan of girl-on-girl but I don’t think I’d want to see that


But if you ask me, I think the Deltas win. They’ve been the most steady with intake,

programs and all else that matters. The Zetas need a comeback and fast. The yard needs

the electricity of all great-eight Orgs. Oh! The Sigmas! Nah, they didn’t have intake

either. I know it seems like all the guys on the yard are interested in Kappa but that’s not

the case. We took whom we wanted and left the rest for the other guys.

When I came in, in 2004, there were eight Kappas total that year, island-wide. Four

Sigmas, two Ques, one SGRho, no Zetas, and no AKAs. The Deltas and the Alphas

pulled in like thirty members each that semester so Fire and Ice was real big on Long

Island. Now yards are making those numbers annually! Old Westbury, Stony Brook,

Hofstra St. John’s and Adelphi are all obnoxiously, GREEK-INFESTED!

Spring 2010 is upon us. What does it mean? It means if you’re an undergrad, unaffiliated

with any Greek-lettered Organization, you might lose your friends to secret activity and

may be subject to a boring semester. If you are affiliated somehow, chances are you’ll

fail a few classes and finish up in the summer, which is sure to be promising.

Whichever end you’re on, try not to go crazy. Keep your grades up and remember: it’s a

“do-or-die” world out there. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Signing off,

Paul Johnson Jr.


Rainy Days Films, LLC


Mu Omicron Chapter, SP. 2004 / #3

Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity. Inc.