Posted January 7, 2010 by DJ Enuff in ThatsEnuff

Today My Body is Soar! I’m still Going to work it out

This working out thing is crazy. I ran 2 miles yesterday for the first time in years. Trying to catch up to my sister Leslie who’s already running 4miles and on Sat She’s running a 5 mile run in Central Park. I was always afraid of running because of my weight. The heavy pressure on my knees and shins.(Ouch!) I Bought the nike plus chip for my sneakers @the apple store. Now I’m linked to my i touch and can set goals for my self to my own soundtrack. This is so hot. It actually inspires me to run. Now that I weigh 265 lbs. it really should be a lil easier. Thank U Freddy P, Joe Trainer and my Partner Leslie. I’m on my way. Look out pretty soon for a challenge? Now I must sign up. Shouts to Dr. Rozen also