Posted December 29, 2009 by DJ Enuff in
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Katz Matzah Ball Soup

2010 just a couple of Days away and Jack Frost is Fucking Shit up out here in the east coast it’s Really Cold Outside. I’m trying to catch a Taxi Cab and Nothing. I have a Metro Card and The Bus is no where in sight. Shit I’m hungry. I’m going to Katz. Old Habits. The Fat Guy was Lurking about. Maybe a Pastrami Sand. A Hot Dog with Mustard and Sauerkraut. Then The Good Guy Came from my other shoulder. Don’t eat that don’t even think about that. I was so cold I said soup please. I didn’t say Chicken or what kind of soup. I just ordered some Hot Soup. It’s Matzah Ball Soup. My Mom use to always order this soup. A Jewish thing. I was like I’ll try it. This Soup is Crazy I luv it!