Posted December 28, 2009 by DJ Enuff in ThatsEnuff

X-Mas Night DJ Wallah DJ Camilo n DJ Enuff Club Abyss UNWALKABLE

This Night – Christmas Night Special. A-Yo Enuff ,What are you doing in NJ? What do you mean? It’s Christmas and your in NJ. Sayerville NJ? Why You not spinning in the city (NYC)? Have you ever been to a DJ Wallah Party? No. You dig Club Music? Yeah. You wanna dance tonight? Or Post up in VIP Fronting like you have a lot of money and girls? Shut Up Stupid! I’m stupid? That’s why your asking the stupid questions about Me Spinning in NJ? If you want to dance, grind, hump, pump, freak a young lady this is the place. Club Abyss is Hosting The Heavy Hitters Tonite DJ Wallah DJ Camilo and Me. The line is around the Parking Lot at 9pm I promise you no BS. Route35 Got Shut Down by the Police temporarily. No violence No Fights just good old fashion dancing. ZOO aka Unwalkable. Shouts to DJ Frosty (Ride That Wave) Rutgers University! Staff at Abyss See Ya’ll New Years Eve 2010