Posted December 28, 2009 by DJ Enuff in Music

Jay Electronica Wins the heart of a Super Star DJ

People have been commenting like crazy I must of struck some cord. I know my role and position. But at times it isn’t wrong to ask for a lil help or advice. You must at all times respect your power. I rarely would ask you the people for help because the answers can be so different from one another. Leaders such as the homie Quest Love. Your cult following is ridiculous. You tell them to talk to me and they did. J Electronica I have never met him but always dug some of his early mix-tape stuff. Shouts to my cousin Jaemin for putting me on to J Electronica. I understand that I am one of the Gatekeepers. I am truly honored and Blessed to be here for Hip Hop. Quiz Knows If your out there you wanted to write I’m writing. I would love to have a one on one with J Electronica….To Be Continued