Posted December 27, 2009 by DJ Enuff in Style and Fashion

5 of my fingers will be cold – I might wear only one glove Like Michael Jackson did

This is the case of the missing Polo Glove. I received a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren Gloves(Italian Leather in Black) for Christmas. Day One: Wearing the gloves on my way to the gym. After the Gym still had them. Hailed a taxi cab ride to pick up some sandwiches for me and my family. Still Had them. Took the gloves off to pay Still Had them, left the sandwich shop and put the gloves in my pocket. Walked up the block in the rain and when I got home I realized that ONE of my FAVORITE POLO GLOVES was MISSING!!!!! Help Me!!! It’s only DAY ONE. No one saw these gloves. I didn’t get to show off my gloves. How could this be? I never get anything for X-Mas and the one thing I really really like was already missing. WTF! I’m too grown to be losing a pair of gloves in one day. If it was our kids some one would of caught a Lil ass whoopin’. Now what do I do? Buy a another pair or just  deal with it?